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Autism Learning & Schooling Stockton CA

Learning and schooling for someone with autism can take on many different forms. Depending on the level of autism, nearby school system & educational programs, and training of the parents and autistic individual, options can range from mainstream learning with an aid to an IEP (Individualized Educational Program) to homeschooling, or a combination of all these and others.

Autism Therapy & Treatment Stockton CA

Because it is a complex and still not fully understood illness, the treatments and therapies for autism are numerous and varied—from speech, music, art and even equine therapy to behavioral treatments and medications. One of the most common and successful is ABA, or Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Autism Support & Community Stockton CA

Autism is a harrowing illness to live with and raising someone with this affliction takes support, reassurance and guidance. There are whole networks and communities built to offer aid, comfort and care to those with and those raising someone who is autistic; the battle against autism does not have to be fought alone.

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