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Because it is a complex and still not fully understood illness, the treatments and therapies for autism are numerous and varied—from speech, music, art and even equine therapy to behavioral treatments and medications. One of the most common and successful is ABA, or Applied Behavioral Analysis.

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The best defense against autism is early detection, followed by rigorous treatment and behavioral training. It is recommended that children be tested at 18 to 24 months for the best chance of early action and alleviation of the illness. Learn more about autism and testing by scrolling below.

Autism Therapist Kissimmee FL

There is no known cure for autism, which is a complex affliction, and there is also no one single treatment or medication used to combat its effects, but rather several. Therapists can play a key role in offering the training and behavioral therapy needed as part of a treatment program. For more information, check below.

Autism Treatment Kissimmee FL

Autism, as of yet, has no cure and its treatment includes a battery of therapies, medications and programs. The most common and effective is ABA, Applied Behavioral Analysis. To learn more about autism and treatments, check below.

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Many autism therapists and advocates recommend GFCF (Gluten-Free Casein Free) diets, as recent studies have shown that the proteins gluten and casein can dramatically affect the brain functions of autistic children. GFCF food and bakeries provide healthier alternatives to regular diets and may even improve cognitive and social abilities in those with autism. For more information or to find GFCF food and bakeries, check below.

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Special needs schools are centers of learning design specifically for those with learning or physical or emotional disabilities and handicaps that cannot be adequately accommodated by mainstream schools. To learn more about special needs students and special needs schools, check below.