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Latest Research On Socials Skills Interventions

Latest research on socials skills interventions

Michelle Garcia Winner

While I have continued to review research since delving into what I ended up naming Social Thinking® in 1995, the last time I did a comprehensive research review, as it related to my ILAUGH model of Social Cognition, was in the year 2000. Ten years later it is exciting to see the trends in research as they are very much validating the clinical theories put forward in my early books (Inside Out: What Makes Persons with Social Cognitive Deficits Tick, 2000; Thinking About You Thinking About Me, 1st edition, 2002). One example of this is in 2002 I postulated that while the researchers are exploring the meaning and arguing to some degree the relevance of each of the core theories related to ASD, Theory of Mind, executive functioning and central coherence theory, I was observing my students had learning issues related to all three of these issues. It was not one problem, but many problems working in tandem. The research now shows that to be quite evident (Sodian & Frith, 2008; Pelicano, 2010)

As I finish writing a major new project that hopefully will be published in about a year, I’m doing an extensive review of the research. Three articles that have caught my attention relate to meta-analysis of social skills intervention research. A “meta-analysis” is an analysis of the published research to draw conclusions more holistically from the trends being discovered from studying the research results in mass, rather than focusing on the results of a singular study.

As I review the research I take bulleted quotes or summarize ideas from the research to help navigate my own summary for my writing project. This project will be, in part, steeped in exploring evidence based thinking and our development of related treatment practices.

There are three interesting articles that have been published on this topic in the last few years (White, Keonig &Scahill, 2007; Rao, Beidel & Murray, 2008; Reichow & Volkmar, 2010).

Some of the findings in Rao and Murray, 2008, are summarized by my description of the main points of the article as I reviewed it (some of the below are direct quotes and others are my interpretation of the text):

∗ Social skills in childhood linked to positive outcomes.
∗ Children who are deficient in social skills lack the behavioral repertoire necessary to interact with others according to social conventions; a deficit affects both academic and social development.
∗ Neurotypical preschool children can observe the social challenges of their peers who have social learning disabilities.
∗ Some of our students can have a strong awareness of their own social skills deficits.
∗ Our students don’t outgrow their challenges; they have them throughout adulthood.
∗ Most social skill programs are designed for a broader application to different types of students; few are specifically designed for students with...

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