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Behavioral Therapy and Consultation Services
(239) 247-2279
sw 5th pl
Cape Coral, FL
Support Services
ABA/Discrete Trial, Adult Support, Behavorial Intervention, Disability Advocacy, Early Intervention, Educational Advocacy, Respite, Respite/Childcare/Babysitting, Social Skills Training, Therapy Providers, Verbal Behavior
Ages Supported
Preschool,Kindergarten,1-5 Grade

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J. Christopher McGinnis, Ph.D. (McGinnis Psychology Group)
(239) 482-2655
13730 Cypress Terrace Circle, Suite 401
Fort Myers, FL
Support Services
Other, Psychological Counseling, Therapy Providers, Training/Seminars

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Childrens Autism Treatment Specialists, LLC
(239) 985-2287
18070 S. Tamiami Trail
Fort Myers, FL
Support Services
ABA/Discrete Trial, Behavorial Intervention, Early Intervention, Educational Advocacy, Marriage & Family Counseling, Marriage & Family Counseling, Music Therapy, Play Therapy, Research, Research, Respite, Respite/Childcare/Babysitting, Social Skills Training, Support Group Meetings, Therapy Providers, Verbal Behavior
Ages Supported
Preschool,Kindergarten,1-5 Grade,6-8 Grade

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Eden Florida
(239) 437-5335
13631 Learning Court
South Fort Myers, FL
Support Services
Early Intervention, Other, Residential, Support Organization, Training/Seminars

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Southwest Florida Chapter ASA
(239) 768-0723
1259 Shannondale Drive
Fort Myers, FL
Support Services
Disability Advocacy, Marriage & Family Counseling, Support Organization

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Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology Center, Inc.
(239) 479-5093
3049 Cleveland Ave
Ft Myers, FL
Support Services
Education, Speech Therapy, Therapy Providers
Ages Supported
Preschool,Kindergarten,1-5 Grade,6-8 Grade,9-10 Grade,11-12 Grade,Adult

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Seeds For Hope, LLC
(239) 989-4054
16174 Via Solera Circle #106
fort myers, FL
Support Services
ABA, Ideas For Finding Therapists, ABA, Therapy Services, ABA/Discrete Trial, Art Therapy, Babysitting / Childcare, Behavorial Intervention, Early Intervention, Floortime, Play Therapy, Respite, Sensory Integration, Social Skills Training, Speech & Language
Ages Supported
Preschool,Kindergarten,1-5 Grade

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Dr. Nolan Katz
(239) 204-3263
Katz Counseling and Educational Psychology3949 Evans Ave. Suite 105
Fort Myers, FL
Attention Deficit (ADHD), Autism, Learning Disabilities, Mood Disorders
School: Florida State University
Year of Graduation: 2009
Years In Practice: 2 Years
Patient Info
Ethnicity: Any
Gender: All
Age: Toddlers / Preschoolers (0 to 6),Children (6 to 10),Preteens / Tweens (11 to 13),Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19),Adults
Average Cost
$120 - $160
Payment Methods
Sliding Scale: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Southwest Florida ASA
(941) 931-2726
P.O. Box 61324
Ft. Myers, FL
Support Services
Marriage & Family Counseling, Support Organization

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Harmony Preschool
(352) 489-4026
Dunnellon, FL
Support Services
ABA, Therapy Services, ABA/Discrete Trial, Early Intervention, Schools, Preschool, Typical
Ages Supported

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Aba Therapy Provides Lasting Improvements For Those With Autism

ABA therapy provides lasting improvements for those with autism


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is widely recognized as the single most effective therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder, providing substantial, lasting improvements in the lives of individuals with autism. ABA-based treatment strategies maximize the learning potential of persons with ASD, and are flexible, individualized and dynamic. The problem is that many ABA programs, particularly when paid for privately, can cost a family tens of thousands of dollars a year. What is a family to do that either can’t afford the cost of private ABA, or perhaps lives far from a trained ABA therapist?

Rethink Autism has created a tool to answer these challenges: a state-of-the-art, web-based curriculum to help you assess your child’s strengths and challenges, creating a recommended customized multimedia curriculum for you to follow. They also provide strategies to help you adapt each lesson to your child’s individual abilities, and tools to modify and individualize your child’s personal program goals. As you move through the curriculum, the data collection program tracks your child’s progress and adjust program goals and lesson plans in light of his performance.

Each carefully designed lesson breaks down complex skills into simple, easy-to-follow teaching steps. Each lesson is accompanied by a dynamic video demonstrating just how to teach each step, and every video is accompanied by an easy-to-follow written description of the teaching procedure. As parents and their children work through each lesson, performance data is constantly collected – and as new skills are mastered, new lessons are added. Rethink Autism also has programs that are designed and priced for institutions that might need to train their staff on ABA, and track students’ progress.

Rethink Autism’s short, easy-to-follow training program helps parents, grandparents, and even the babysitter learn to teach effectively, m...

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